First Steps in Chinese

First Steps in Chinese is specially designed for the person who has only a few months to learn some basic Chinese.
Each lesson is in a user-friendly format so that learning Chinese should be fun. The textbook is heavy on communication and light on reading and writing.
The first 10 lessons cover the pronunciation of Mandarin Chinese, as well as starting you off on some simple sentence patterns. Lessons 11-33 cover topics which you will meet frequently while living in China.
It is written by Martin Symonds, David Parshall and David Seiboth and is published by Shaanxi Normal University Press in Xian.
It is available in China from:
Shaanxi Normal University Press: (029) 8530 7864
By mail order from Ellen Zhu: (010) 6711 8567 <>
Ellen Zhu gives a 5% discount on orders over RMB400 (USD50) and 10% discount on orders over RMB1200 (USD150). The discount is calculated on the book price only, not the transportation fee which is charged in full.
It is also available in America from: 
ISBN: 7-5613-3069-3

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