There are several flashcard programs available for Chinese Made Easier


Incrediflashcards is a free flashcard program for Chinese Made Easier. Not only are the Chinese characters color-coded according to which tone, but the flashcards appear in the Pinyin-Character mixture according to which lesson of Chinese Made Easier.

PALMS has all the flashcards for Chinese Made Easier. Once you have purchased their excellent dictionary, you can download all the CME flashcards free. For iPhone and iTouch, Windows Mobile files are O.K. on iOS -- they're not linked from the in-app flashcard download page on iPhone. (


Go to:, set up a free account, then search for keyword "CME". Download the flashcards in to your ipod <itunes store>.


Yellowbridge has all the flashcards for Chinese Made Easier. They are particularly useful for strengthening your character recognition.

Anki also has all the flashcards for CME:

This is a very useful site for practicing CME vocabulary & Chinese characters: