Keeping up your Chinese while back in your Home Country
Do be realistic! When back in your home country for a short break, you will probably have little time for language study. So focus on simply maintaining your present level in Chinese rather than planning to study new material. If you are able to accomplish this, you will have done very well!

Here are a few simple ideas:


Skype Chinese friends in China.

Write emails in Chinese to Chinese friends.

Read a chapter from your favorite book each day.

Read online newspapers in Chinese. (

Read/Listen to: is also worth looking at for online resources on learning Chinese. Their language resources file is particularly useful.
Take the MP3s of Chinese Made Easier and other textbooks you have studied and listen to them while traveling. If you must take textbooks home, take just one. However, you will probably never open it!!
If there are Chinese students studying at a university near where you are living, offer to correct the English in their essays or thesis in exchange for Chinese conversation practice.
Audit a Chinese course at a local university.


When? / How often?